Pastors Notices
Divine Hour Times: 11.15am and 12:30pm
2236 Parker St, Berkeley, CA 94704
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Pastors Notices

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  • Pastor’s Office Hours: T - F 10 am – 3 pm. Call ahead to make an appointment.
  • Sabbath Gatherings: 10 am Bible Study Classes: Quarterly Class meets in the Sanctuary. LIFE in the Word Class meets in the Great Hall. Worship Gathering at 11:15 am followed by lunch in the Great Hall.
  • Prayer LIFE: Tuesday mornings, 8 am community prayer in the Sanctuary.
  • Café Theology: Wednesday’s, 6:30 pm at Caffe Mediterraneum (2475Telegraph).
  • LIFE Outreach Planning: Thursday’s, 7 pm, Rec Room.
  • BACF ACTION Fellowship: Friday’s, 6:30 pm, in the Great Hall. CRAVE Conversations.


  • If you would like the company of the wise and experienced, you are welcome in the seniors group.  Please see Geneva Bryant for more information

Refresh Your Faith:  Browse through some stories and articles on our website that will touch your heart and build your faith.


Service and Worship Times

Bible Study--10:00 am -11:00 am

Divine hour--11:15 am- 12:30 pm

Lunch- 12:40 pm