Divine Hour Times: 11.15am and 12:30pm
2236 Parker St, Berkeley, CA 94704

Welcome To Our Church!

Whether you are a member of this church, a new believer or just becoming acquainted with God we hope that you will be blessed in worship today. The warmth of our Father’s love rests upon us in the free gift of grace in Christ Jesus and abiding presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Life Adventist Church Of Berkeley is a world-wide denomination with established churches, hospitals and schools in over 200 countries. 
Berkeley  Seventh-day Adventist belongs to a sisterhood of churches throughout northern California under the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Established in 1905, our congregation has a long and proud tradition of over 100 years. Today we are a multi-ethnic community of families, professionals and university students gratefully living out our faith in Jesus Christ in an intellectually rich and stimulating university community. 

Our goal is to reach Non-Christian and Christian alike, to help them share in God's Word, to discover the wonders of God's love in action, to honor God with our lives, and to care for one another.



Youth Ministries

Are you a young person who is new to the neighborhood and would like a place where you can put your talents for ministry to work, we are that place. Visit us and help make this place a destination for all youths in your neighborhood.

Prayer Night:

Join us on Wednesday evening for a bible study and mid-week prayer meeting. For weekly topics for discussion, check this site or call Pastor Ron for details

Get Involved

Join us every Sabbath for a special luncheon. Get to meet and talk to your neighbour and share a word of encouragement. You can even bring that special treat that you have always wanted to share

Women's Outreach

Women’s ministries provide an opportunity for all ladies to grow spiritually through a network of support groups. Contact one Lynn Savendra for future events and meetings

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Our Mission

Our Mission: Advancing The Kingdom Of God One Person At A Time. (Luke 12:32)

The vision of God's love for all people compels us to express the love that God has for us in Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Outreach and Service. These five very important purposes spell out the mission of our community and are fundamental to our understanding of God's plan for the church.
God invites us to:
•   Show forth the beauty of God by honoring Him supremely (worship).
•   Express the soul of God in love for one another (fellowship).
•   Understand and teach the mind of God by growing up into the fullness of Christ (discipleship).
•   Share the heart of God by announcing God's forgiveness and love (outreach).
•   Be the hands and feet of God in serving the needs of others (service).

We believe that as we faithfully honor and obey God in each of these areas, lives will be transformed, believers will grow up into the fullness of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God will be realized in the dynamic life of Christ seen and experienced through the church.


Current Church News

  • July 18,2015 Events

    • Church Board Meeting: Today at 2 pm, following the fellowship meal.
    • American River Whitewater Trip: Tomorrow, July, 19. Approximate cost is $85.00. Read more ...  
    • Today's Scripture

      “From him the whole Body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”

      Ephesians 4:16

    • Medical Mission

      Finianne, a member of the Life Advent, will be working in a couple of hospitals in Kenya from May 20 to June 22 2017. The hospitals are in need of some medical supplies, including a centrifuge, laptops, BP machines, stethoscopes, speculums, and glucometers.

      Read more ...

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Service and Worship Times

Bible Study--10:00 am -11:00 am

Divine hour--11:15 am- 12:30 pm

Lunch- 12:40 pm